Be in the Know.  Manage the Big Picture.

Management Reports provide a picture of over-all activity and associated revenue.  Management reports are available only to individual’s designated as a manager.  Some of these reports, examples shown below,  include:

  • Prospects Analysis
  • Lead Source Analysis
  • Revenue Analysis
  • Agent’s Activity Analysis

Prospects Analysis

Below is a Prospect Analysis with a Lead Source Analysis – a report of all prospect potential (by month, or by year-to-date) followed by where the leads came from (helps determine the importance of various lead sources – from the web site, from advertisement, from walk-in’s).

Whether the prospect is interested in real estate or just a membership, they are listed in this report.  This report can be sorted by the prospect’s status, by agent or by the prospect’s interest (real estate, membership, golf event, club event, etc.).



Revenue Analysis

This report lists each sale, the prospect’s last name, what was purchased and estimated commissions.








Management Reports

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